Territory of Tisno borough has organized eco program. In other words, garbage is being selectively collected. Special underground containers are installed throughout the Tisno area. Every household has a yellow plastic container which is used as a recycling garbage disposal.

Please, use mentioned containers. Dispose your garbage in big containers preferably at 10pm or just before 7am in order to keep our town clean.
In case you need a container, you can buy it. We would like to suggest that you separate carton and dispose it at the place intended for that purpose. Waste collecting service comes once a week; every Thursday in Tisno and every Friday in Jezera. Little truck collects every Tuesday and Saturday.

Big truck collects by the schedule:

  • Tisno – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Jezera – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Betina - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Dubrava, Dazlina, Ivinj – Tuesday, Saturday
  • Prosika – Tuesday, Saturday

For more information, please visit:  http://www.jezinac.hr