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Šibenik is a cultural, educational, administrative and economic centre of this region. This town has many cultural institutions such as Regional museum with several sections (archaeology, history, ethnography, gallery, nature), Archive, public library, protection of cultural and natural heritage administration – department of Conservation, theatre, Children's international festival, St. Krševan's gallery, National park Krka administration and The glee club Kolo (since 1899).
St. Jacob's cathedral is one of many special landmarks due to its beauty, construction value and stylistic features and it is listed as unique monument of sacral architecture at UNESCO register (30th November 2000). The easiest way to get to Šibenik is by bus or a car because it's only 30 km away from Tisno.


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Vodice is a leading tourist destination in region. Local accommodation offers 10.000 beds. The population of the settlement is 10.000. During summer season, more than 50.000 tourists visit this place. A beautiful Blue beach is in town centre and it is the best place to take your friends and family for a swim. Vodice is only 12 km away from Tisno and the best way to get there is by bus or a car.

Jezera, Murter and Betina

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Greek philosopher Tolomei first mentioned the island of Murter under the name of Scardon. This is the biggest island of Šibenik archipelago. Most of the island is covered by many centuries old olive and fig trees which are the main traditional cultures grown by local people. In recent times due to phenomenal natural possibilities tourism is becoming the moving force of this island's development. Geographical position as well as the proximity of Kornati archipelago and connection with the land by the bridge in Tisno, with its small towns Jezera, Betina, Murter and Tisno makes this place the most important nautical base of the Adriatic coast.


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Only 3 km away from Tisno, Pirovac found its place at the north coast of the bay. This beautiful place always facing the sun is situated in bay which is a natural phenomenon. Ten kilometres carved into rocks and Mediterranean vegetation whose seductive smell mix with the primal smell of the sea.