Auto-camp Jazina

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Auto-camp Jazina is situated on mainland and only two kilometres away from Tisno centre. It mostly attracts people who enjoy quiet vacation and families with children. Pine trees, olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation dominate this area which makes this place truly enjoyable. Camp's restaurant has an open terrace and offers wide range of different food plus daily menus. Fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and milk can be found at the local market. Anyone can find a good entertainment at the beach and it's not just swimming. The beach is equipped with pool tables, valley ball course, miniature golf, table soccer etc. Sanitary facilities contain sinks with hot and cold water, showers with hot and cold water, lavatories for disabled and washing room.

Information: +385 (22) 43 85 58; Mail:

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Auto-camp Dalmacija

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Auto-camp Dalmacija is only 2.5 kilometres away from Tisno centre. Camp's local restaurant serves traditional Dalmatian meals as well as international ones. Their mobile homes have air condition systems and fully equipped kitchens with dining rooms. Also, every mobile home has a sitting terrace with a view, wireless internet and free parking space.

Information: +385 (91) 21 84 337; Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Apartment willage and auto-camp Rastovac - Hostin

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Camp's beautiful sand beach is closed to the public. This unique village apartments and camping sites are completely closed and protected. Eighty of those apartments have fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, big sitting terrace, barbecue plus extra bed. For those who prefer camping, Rastovac – Hostin has 100 camping places.
Auto-camp has pleasant surroundings and satisfies everyone's needs.

Information: +385 (22) 43 83 73;  Mail:

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