Culture & Heritage

If you are looking for traces of history, you will enjoy the historical heritage of this area. Discover important cultural heritage and explore the complex of classical antiquity, early Christianity and medieval architecture in Ivinj, visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of Caravaggio by climbing 214 stairs the pilgrims used to climb on their knees in order to honour their vows!

The Tisno surroundings were inhabited as early as prehistoric times, and in classical era as well. This is evidenced by fragments of prehistoric ceramic pots from the archaeological site in Dazlina, the ruins of the town of Colentum - nearby today’s Murter, and from the remains of a villa rustica complex from the 2nd and 3rd century AD discovered at the archaeological site in Ivinj. However, Tisno itself was founded in the Middle Ages and it is the most recent settlement on the island of Murter. More specifically, Tisno was first mentioned in 1474, when the first inhabitants settled in this area while running away from the Ottoman Turks. At the beginning of the 18th century, when there was no more danger of Turkish attacks, a bridge was built connecting the island of Murter with the mainland, so Tisno began spreading onto the mainland as well.

When several families from Italy settled in Tisno, the settlement gained considerable momentum, and a period of evident development, increasing economic activity and growing population began. It was exactly in this period that important secular facilities were built, such as farm and residential houses with the Dalmatian baroque features that were characteristic of Dalmatian towns. Apart from the above mentioned, important monuments of sacral architecture are also valuable, especially the oldest church in the settlement - the parish church of the Holy Spirit from the 16th century and the church of Our Lady of Caravaggio, which has been visited by thousands of pilgrims every year on 26 May for almost three centuries.

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